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On-line auctions - The primary method of ordering is to bid on items listed on ebaY®. Information on ordering, payment and delivery are provided with my items listed there. Click here to see and bid on current ebay items.

Items similar to gallery illustrations - If you wish to order items similar to those shown in my "gallery" please send an email note and include a description of the item and where it was shown. While all items are unique a similar one can be created.
Custom made items - Custom made items can be created for individual customer needs. If you see a bead item you would like to have custom made please send an email note with a description of the item (and an illustration or the web location of where you saw it) and a quote of price and delivery will be returned.
Special projects - Custom items can be made for individual or business projects. Please contact me by email with an idea of an items you might like produced. Items can be made in quantities of 1 or more depending on need and time available.
Returns - All items are fully warranted agains defects in workmanship. Please contact me should there be any items you have questions about.
Questions - If you have any questions regarding item details or ordering - click on "contact me" and send email note!